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  • Matthew 17:17

    After Yahshua, Simon, Iakobos, and Iohannes decended from the high mountain they came upon a crowd where a man approached Yahshua and asked him to heal his epileptic son after His students failed to heal his son. Yahshua replied with:

    "And replying Yahshua said "O faithless and perverted race, until when must I be with you? Until when must I put up with you? Bring him here to Me!""

    Is this another situation like Matthew 15:22-28 (doubtful considering there was no hesitation in healing the man's son, and no admission from the man that he wasn't from the house of Israel)? The only time I noticed when He uses this type of laguage is when he is yelling at the Pharisees. Or, is this sort of a long sigh where he is complaining about the incompitence of his students?

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    It does appear that here, along with the corresponding parallel passages (Mark 9:19; Luke 9:41), Christ is admonishing his students in quite harsh terms, probably also expressing the implications for faithlessness amongst Israelites in general. This is indeed still true of the majority of our race today.
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      Thank you Conrad. That certainly makes sense.


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        Great question, along with a well put answer. Christ doesn't want us encouraging non-Whites to have faith. But even in a rare instance we find in the Gospels (namely the Canaanite woman) though it could have never been to the saving of the soul, her moment of faith is recorded to our shame, in order to help us to see His expectancy for His people to have faith.