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John 11:20-39 - Additional nuance to Martha's involvement?

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  • John 11:20-39 - Additional nuance to Martha's involvement?

    Hello everyone,

    Following the series of lessons "All Eyes on the Director", it kind of dawned on me that there may be a small but not insignificant nuance to Martha's involvement/role in conversing with Yahshua in John 11:20-39. That nuance is that Martha is a female. With Yahweh's relationship to His people being likened to a marriage, His role would be that of the man and our role would then therefore be that of the woman.

    As Michael pointed out, John 11 is more about Yahshua resurrecting/bringing to life His people's faith than it is his power to raise Lazarus from the dead. With this knowledge, how much more fitting is that Martha, a female, is the embodiment of His people in this struggle of faith? Its almost like this message is packaged together like a marital dispute/issue with Yahshua being the man and Martha being the woman where the woman is lacking trust/faith in the head.


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    What a wonderful observation. We cannot make demands of Him on our terms and expect our Husband to go along by following us- it's never worked that way. Israel can longer afford to brush aside His words and walk away by thinking our pet theology and warmed-over politics (we claim is derived from His Word) is sufficient- they are dead. Our attention is to be on our Husband alone, not on our interpretations of the way we feel comfortable with what He has said. When we finally recognize we are to worship Him not just in truth, but in Spirit (from within) as well, we will experience the joy and intimacy our relationship with Him was meant to bring. Even more than any of us who are good husbands who love our wives, Israel's Husband wants to abundantly bless His Bride- but we must submit to Him. The way we submit to our Husband is by concentrating on putting our full faith in Him. That 's what He wants and it's impossible to please Him otherwise.


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      Awesome! You explained that better than i could.

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    lol. Nah, just a little further down the road that's all. You are a great blessing.