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The Hypocrisy Of Franz Boaz

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  • The Hypocrisy Of Franz Boaz

    "The [jewish] anthropologist Franz Boas is remembered for moving the social sciences away from genetic determinism and toward environmental determinism. In reality, he felt that genes do contribute substantially to mental and behavioral differences … and not just between individuals."

    Boaz wrote:
    "We have shown that the anatomical evidence is such, that we may expect to find the races not equally gifted. While we have no right to consider one more ape-like than the other, the differences are such that some have probably greater mental vigor than others. The variations are, however, such that we may expect many individuals of all races to be equally gifted, while the number of men and women of higher ability will differ. (Boas, 1974, p. 242)"

    Of course, more importantly than intelligence, racial differences are spiritual, which is why we also see achievement gaps among so-called "high IQ" populations such as Whites vs. Asians, and Whites vs Jews. These non-White groups are, as Scripture tells us, "broken cisterns" that cannot hold the spirit of Yahweh, and without that spirit, their fruits will always be lacking.

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    From a speech by Carleton Putnam;

    "To understand this basic problem, I must clarify one issue. For a long time, a running battle has been going on among scientists, concerning the race question. It can be put in a nutshell by saying that a cult has developed along the left wing school of political thought which tries to prove that environment is completely responsible for all differences between races. That nothing is due to inborn or inherent qualities. Now obviously, if this could be proved, it would lend support to a variety of social programs. It still would not, in my opinion, eliminate a man’s responsibility for himself, nor would it mean that social and cultural similarities are desirable ideals. But as far as races and sub-stocks are concerned, it would remove many obstacles. And it certainly is the sort of thing which our minority groups of every color and race would welcome.

    The difficulty is that is has no foundation in fact. Almost everyone is ready to admit that heredity makes a difference in individuals within a single race; and to maintain that this process stops when we compare averages and qualities between races is a strange and forced bit of wishful thinking. Science of course, does not dismiss anything because it seems strange and forced. But the burden of proof is clearly upon those who would deny the obvious, and this burden of proof, no equalitarian scientist has been able to sustain. I can’t, tonight, go into full detail on this question. I can only summarize and refer you to the books and documentation. But in sum, the idea that all races are equal in their adaptability to our Western culture, took root in America in the classrooms of Franz Boas at Columbia University in the late 1920’s.

    With Boas, as students or assistants, we find the names of: Otto Klineberg, Melville Herskovits, Gene Weltfish and Ashley Montagu [real name:
    Israel Ehrenberg] . Gene Weltfish later became a member of certain organizations cited by the attorney general as subversive and publicly announced that she had evidence to prove that the United States used germ warfare in Korea. Some of the others were doubtless sincere or perhaps biased by their personal backgrounds. I’m not sure about all of them. After Boas died, Columbia brought in Ralph Lyndon who dismissed all the Boas employees who had no tenure. And the University finally dropped Weltfish on the grounds of too long tenure.

    But the Boas group, in America at least, was the beginning of the environmental ideology as far science was concerned. Russia made its contribution in Lysenko, who claimed that wheat could be turned into rye and these men drew to them other scientists with leftist inclinations in Europe and throughout the United States. They built up quite a team, at Harvard, Columbia and other universities here and abroad."

    The complete speech audio and text;
    aka Staropramen