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Jewish Betrayal of Cities in Frankish Annals

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  • Jewish Betrayal of Cities in Frankish Annals

    The Ninth century was a time of uncertainty for many kingdoms in Christian Europe. It was the height of the Viking Age, as the seemingly indomitable force of the Northmen sacked coastal settlements from the British Isles to the Carolingian kingdoms of Charlemagne's successors, year after year. And with the constant, looming threat of the muslims in Spain, the Western Frankish Empire (France) was in danger from both north and south. What the Franks might not have fully realized, at the time, was that there were also enemies dwelling within the walls of their own cities, ready to betray them when opportunity came.

    The Annals of St-Bertin (Annales Bertiani) was a Western Frankish record of events in France during the mid to late ninth century. Two particular events recorded in the Annals should be noted.

    In the year AD 848, Danish Vikings had the city of Bordeaux on the Garonne River under siege, after having sailed up the river and harried the country the year before. Even after an attack staged by the Frankish king Charles III "the Bald", the Viking force was not driven away from the siege. The city remained unbreached by the enemy, until a certain unfortunate event befell it - betrayal by certain of the city's inhabitants:

    "In Aquitaine some Jews betrayed Bordeaux to the Danes: having taken the town, they ravaged and burned it."
    - The Annals of St-Bertin, 848, pages 65-66

    Another account in the year AD 852 recounts the betrayal of the city of Barcelona, which at the time lay within Frankish possession, to the Moors:

    "The Moors took Barcelona because the Jews betrayed it to them. They slew nearly all the Christians, laid waste the town, and went away unscathed."
    - The Annals of St-Bertin, 852, page 74

    Even at this time, the jews betrayed their Christian European hosts to their enemies. The jew has been the enemy of White Christianity since the very beginning, even, in this case, turning to the pagan Whites and muslims to slay Christians and destroy their cities. Of course, there are some who claim the records of these events were simply "anti-semitic" inventions.

    A certain footnote (contained in the edition of the Annals which I own), relating to the events of 848, states the opinion of "Lot and Halphen" in their 1909 book on the Carolingian king Charles the Bald. These authors state that the record of the jewish betrayal of the city of Bordeaux was simply an invention of the annalist. Now it should be noted that one of these detractors in particular, Ferdinand Lot, was famous for stating in his book The End of the Ancient World that Christianity in Europe was the cause of the decline and fall of Rome and the classical world (an opinion held in high regard today), emphasizing Christianity as a "destructive" rather than strengthening force in civilization. It's truly interesting to find a seeming opponent of Christianity defending the medieval jews in such a way.

    As we know, jewish betrayal of Christians has not ceased to this day, and they continue to "open the gates" for the enemies of White Christendom to enter, though now on a much greater scale. As we see, the jews were willing to compromise with muslims and even White pagans (to their own hurt) in their efforts to destroy their true enemies - White Christians. And only as White Christians can we sufficiently oppose our enemies and their threats.