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Byzantine Historian Recounts Jewish Influence On Islam

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  • Byzantine Historian Recounts Jewish Influence On Islam

    The monk Theophanes (ninth century AD) was a chronicler of the Eastern Roman Empire, later known as the Byzantine Empire. His Chronicle is the main source of Byzantine history from the seventh to early ninth century AD, a period which only few surviving histories partially covered. The history of this period is extremely important, as the rise of Islam and the fall of Near Eastern Christianity took place during this time, and Theophanes covers the period in surprising detail for a chronicle. In his record of Mohammed, the muslim prophet, he wrote this concerning the origin of anti-Christian Islam:

    "When he +(Muhammad)+ first appeared, the Hebrews +(jews)+ were misled and thought that he was the Anointed One they expected, so that some of their leaders came to him, accepted his religion, and gave up of that of Moses, who had looked on God. Those who did this were ten in number, and they stayed with Muhammad until his death. But when they saw him eating of a camel they knew he was not the man they had thought. They were at a loss as to what to do; as they were afraid to give up his religion, they stayed at his side and taught him lawless behavior toward us Christians."
    - The Chronicle of Theophanes, AM 6122 (AD 630/631), page 34

    Although all the details may not all be precisely accurate, Theophanes did indeed have reliable sources concerning the arabs and their religion. And here we find his explanation for the anti-Christian nature of both Mohammed and Islam - instigation by the jews. Though he may not have known all the details about the jewish influence on the origins of Islam itself, this Byzantine historian knew well of the jewish backing of the Arabs. They have been behind the muslims since the time of Mohammed to this day, and their goal has always been the same, not to establish Islamic world domination but to eradicate White Christianity.

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