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  • The Good Report Thread

    Hello everyone,

    This is The Good Report thread where we can share how we have been a blessing our brothers and sisters and/or how Yahweh has blessed us (in return), and is intended to augment our discussions we have during the bibles studies. Its important to provide proof of and give glory to His power in our lives to provide courage to our brothers and sisters to take up and/or continue their walk with Christ. Michael did an excellent two part lesson on the importance giving and hearing a good report:

    Courage (part 1) -
    Consequences (part 2) -

    Lets all join in and build each other up in Christ's name!

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    Two weekends ago i attended a wedding (ex boss's wedding). My wife couldnt make it out as we have a 5 month old that is dependent upon on her. So, i was there by myself. While there, i kind of felt like an outsider because i was around a lot of former coworkers and everyone had their wives with them. Longing for my wife, and doing nothing but hearing old business talk, i grabbed a couple drinks to take the edge off and then slid to the outside of the room.

    There, i was greeted by a former coworker whom also no longer worked there (he had been gone for much longer than I, probably hadnt work together for over 2 years). We started talking and in catching up, he inform me of all the different places he has worked at and all the adversity he faced to get to where he is at now and the stroke of luck it took to get him to where he is now. Long story short, he bounced around from place to place and ended up being let go of at a very nice job as a part of expense cutting. He was looking for another job after being laid off, and interviewed at a nice place that was nearly exactly what he wanted to be doing, but they were iffy on meeting his salary requirement. So, the two parties began moving their separate ways.... at least until they called him back because his boss at his last place (whom was let go shortly after he was, and then landed a new job that this prospective opportunity) told them to call him back and get him an interview!! He ended up going in for the interview which just became an informal talk about coming to an agreement on the salary and hired him. Amazing story right!?! Well, he was looking at it as a way to minimize his getting the job because he "got lucky". I gave him a look and said, "are you sure that its luck?". He responded, "Well, it could have been God". I gave him a smile and we went our separate ways, at least for a little bit.

    Later on that night we ended up at the same table again and got back on the topic of how God has blessed him. After a bit he confessed "I wasnt expecting to have this conversation with you." He then went a little deeper. He and his wife have been trying to have a child, but have seen nothing but complications (they are in their mid 30's). I just consoled him and said "Abraham and Sarah were gifted a child at a very advanced age, just have some faith". He started to shed a tear. I put my hand on his shoulder and said "If its what you truly desire, just pray for it and have no doubts. All you need is a mustard seed of faith". He wiped the tear off his cheek and replied "Thank you. Really, thank you".

    Ill tell you all what, that felt great. For me, and for him. I hope he takes it to heart and that God blesses him and his Wife with a child. We could use more of him in this world!


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      That's awesome, brother!