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California To Provide Free and Low-Cost Chemical Abortions to All College Students

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  • California To Provide Free and Low-Cost Chemical Abortions to All College Students

    "After hearing about Senate Bill 320 and seeing the massive amount of support it has received from women’s organizations and pro-abortion groups, I am deeply concerned that its risks are not being taken more seriously. This bill will require that universities provide chemical abortion as the most accessible response to a student pregnancy on campus. It prioritizes expedient access to abortion rather than giving women access to a variety of resources and support to guide informed decisions.

    SB 320 puts students in a highly vulnerable position, both physically and emotionally, and makes places of education responsible for the financial and medical liabilities associated with abortion.

    The unusual silence from the UC and CSU administrations, who are often leaders in so-called progressive movements, especially concerning sexual and reproductive health, shows some indication of the risks attached to SB 320. To start with, equipping every California public campus with the necessary materials and staffing to perform chemical abortions will be a very costly process.

    …RU-486 is often promoted as a safe, easy way to abort, and many pro-abortion activists herald it as a more private and relaxed experience for the woman. In reality, chemical abortion, especially on a college campus, can be a highly traumatic experience. This method of abortion involves a two-pill sequence (mifepristone and misoprostol). According to the FDA, women are expected to experience “cramping and heavy vaginal bleeding” accompanied by “nausea, weakness, fever/chills, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, and dizziness.” The abortion can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days and it is recommended that women be able to rest with easy access to a toilet."

    Instead of becoming healthy young mothers, girls are encouraged instead to go to college, have multiple sex partners--of either or both sexes--and then pursue a career. And if an inconvenient pregnancy arises to interrupt this liberating lifestyle, then free abortion is available to save the day. One must have a sadistic hatred for women to promote this unnatural insanity on young, impressionable girls. And yet these feminists are in complete control of all college campuses, and anyone who disagrees with them in any serious way faces expulsion--or termination of employment. Enslavement is being sold as freedom--and freedom is now as simple as popping a harmless little pill.

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