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Thoughts on training for a violent situation?

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  • Thoughts on training for a violent situation?

    Hello everyone,

    What are your thoughts on training for a violent situation? Whether it be hand to hand combat/grappling training in anticipation of fighting off some beast or firearms training to defend your family from a perp, or training for some sort of an end of the world scenario.

    On one hand, its good to want to protect you and yours especially as a man whom has a responsibility to his family to provide and protect them. But, on the other hand, it seems to be an admittance to living in fear of those scenarios and/or seeking them out.

    Personally, i think learning how to wrestle/box and operate common firearms should be as fundamental as learning how to draw, color, sing, dance, or play an instrument. While God's will for your live/His personal design for you might not be that of being an artist or a musician, they are good fundamental skills to have at least been exposed to. I would argue the same for skills to handle a physical confrontation. While your calling in life might not be that of a warrior (physically speaking) or an athlete, you should possess the fundamentals necessary should you find yourself in one of those situations.