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UMass College Course Teaches How To Make Normal Heterosexuality Unnatural

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  • UMass College Course Teaches How To Make Normal Heterosexuality Unnatural

    "An advanced political theory course at the University of Massachusetts, Boston seeks to denaturalize heterosexuality from a “gay affirmative” perspective, according to a description of the course.

    The political science course, “Queer Political Theory,” says that its “primary aims are the de-naturalization of (hetero)sexuality and (hetero)normative gender categories, identities, and expression,” according to an online description of the class.

    Asking the question “what is queer politics” and “how, in what way, or to what degree is sexuality political,” the course, which fulfills a mandatory diversity requirement at the college, focuses on the “emergence of Queer Theory in the 1990s, and important contemporary texts on queer and LBGT politics in the U.S.” the description continues.

    Associate Professor of Political Science C. Heike Schotten, who teaches the course, is the author of several publications in the field, including: Queer Terror: Life, Death, and Desire in the Settler Colony; To Exist is to Resist: Palestine and the Question of Queer Theory; Men, Masculinity, and Male Domination: Rethinking Feminist Analyses of Sex Work; Homonationalism: From Critique to Diagnosis, or, We Are All Homonational Now; and Nietzsche and Emancipatory Politics: Queer Theory as Anti-Morality."

    Imagine what it's like for a parent to work hard for 20 years to send his child to college, and this is what they are being taught--that everything you've believed in and worked for is wrong and oppressive. For many college students today, these courses in "diversity" and "multiculturalism" have become mandatory requirements for graduation. From the perspective of a mentally ill "queer theory" advocate, it makes perfect sense that the heterosexuality which created all of us is "unnatural", and your child needs to know this to graduate.

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    This is indeed a jewish proverb - first: make natural what is unnatural, make good what is evil; second: make unnatural what is natural, make evil what is good. How much longer must the madness continue before everyone realizes the true ploy of modern, "progressive" society?

    And no matter how much they promote, popularize, and legalize this garbage, they will never change the order of nature established by our Father!