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My long overdo Alter Bridge Thread

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  • My long overdo Alter Bridge Thread

    This band has some really cool music. Though I could begin this thread with some of their more familiar tunes, here's one that carries a great message about how detrimental fear is in your life. Its called "Poison in Your Veins", check it out:

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    Here's another great song called "Ties That Bind" that's about not letting others hold you back:


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      Interesting tid bit about this song, this was written to illustrate their breaking away from their original record label that they signed for their first album, One Day Remains. They felt that, under that label, they were being forced down a path they didnt want to go down, so they bought it out. Next thing you know, Myles starts laying down some melodic guitar playing, Tremonti starts adding in some complementary vocals and they release what is their most influential record to date in Blackbird.

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    Great thread, Michael.

    This is one of my favorites:


    • Michael
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      Another great song. One thing I look for in music is originality. This song really doesn't sound like anything else I've heard anybody else do, nor does it sound like any of the rest of their own songs.

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    Here's the first track off ABIII, the title- "Slip to the Void". 'Bet you've never heard anything like it:


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      oh boy... this is my favorite band of all time. Here is a very underrated song with a very meaningful message off of their first album (likely their most purposefully Christian album), The End is Here


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        One of their best on that album!

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      Here's another from their first album. It's about living life as if only One Day Remains


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        Alter Bridge preparing for album number 6:


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          Here's a song called Words Darker Than Their Wings (originally from their third album ABIII) that they performed in their recently released (on BlueRay) concert from Royal Albert Hall with a full orchestra. Usually Myles Kennedy handles lead vocals, but their awesome lead guitarist Mark Tremonti also can sing. Check it out this rock duet:


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            Obviously I'm not alone in recognizing the greatness of this band. Way t go guys!: